About Us

For over 20 years, Zontec ® has been the leading and most trusted manufacturer of the "Pure Air" solution, Electronic Air Deodorizers and Purifiers providing service and technology to millions of customers worldwide. Our revolutionary patented ozone generators are known for their exceptional performance oxidizing the air free of bacterial germs, odors, and pests. These units have been used in residential homes to remove germs and odors to commercial applications in the hotel industry to remove smoke from rooms, car dealerships to remove smoke from cars, restoration industry to remove mold and mildew and smoke odors from buildings after a flood or fire, schools, nursing homes and hospitals to assist with removing germs in areas or strong odors, and many other applications.

Our Commitment to Excellence begins by manufacturing our generators in the United States and continuously testing our generators in all climates and conditions to meet our highest standard of performance. With generator applications for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional establishments worldwide, Zontec ® continues to release new technology to meet the changing demands.

"It is a known fact that hazardous toxins , bacterial germs causing odors and the presence of pests spreading diseases (crypt flies) exist in MAUSOLEUMS all over the world. It is my ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY to educate the owners of these mausoleums and offer them a solution. Zontec ® generators are the solution to "Pure Air". It is more than a heath issue for the families of their loved ones, it is a moral issue."
Dean Gruber
President & CEO , Zontec ®


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