How It Works In the Mausoleum

Zontec ® has created a compact generator that sends out billions of atoms that attack the phorid flies on a molecular level, burning the exterior skeletal of the fly preventing them from flying, killing them within days, controlling their population.

Not just a Health Concern

When contaminants such as pollutants, odors, bacteria or viruses make contact with ozone, they are destroyed completely by oxidation. In so doing, that extra atom of oxygen is consumed and there is nothing left... no odor... no extra atom, only oxygen. Ozone reverts back to oxygen after it is used eliminating Mausoleum odors and control crypt flies electronically with no chemicals.

It is a simple process, the machines are placed in non intrusive locations in the mausoleum and programmed to run approximately 10-12 hours a day during the evening hours while the mausoleum is closed. When you re-open in the morning, with the Zontec ® system the air is fresh and clean of toxins and the crypt flies will be a problem of the past.

What is Ozone?

Most people are familiar with the "ozone layer" around the atmosphere of the earth which protects us from harmful ultra-violet radiation and cleans the air that we breath through oxidation.

Ozone is nature's own natural air purifier. Ozone is the fresh clean smell after a thunderstorm, in a pine forest, on a mountain top, near a waterfall, or along a seashore, and it is also what makes the sky blue!

Ozone has been used around the world for over 100 years to clean the air we breathe, and purify the municipal water we drink and in which we bathe in over 3,000 cities, not to mention 95% of the bottled water we consume daily and Ozone is FDA approved to detoxify the very food we eat here in America.

Ozone can be used as a safe alternative for chemicals. Masking odors by using sanitizing deodorizers ONLY disguise the odor for a while, but the pollutants, viruses and bacterial germs will remain in the air until the air is oxidized.


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