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“About 6 months ago, we had a major problem with phorid flies. Clients would be attacked by these flies as soon as the door opened. One particular client that visited on a daily basis would wear a rain suit and hat, just to keep the bugs off of her.

The Rotunda building is the gem of all of their properties. It houses 500 crypts and family rooms. All handcrafted using white Italian Marble. Needless to say, it is a very expensive property. To enter this building and have these flies attack clients made it an impossible sale. After 11 Zontec units were installed, the bug problem was almost eliminated. Within a month, there were no bugs... ZERO! The Rotunda building was again alive with sales activity. Sales have picked up and there is a fresh spring like odor in the building every morning."

Fritz Miner,
General Manager
Boca Raton Mausoleum
November 2014

"I had my best year ever last year!"

  1. My preneed sales are now accounting for 75% of my total sales, and sales are up!
  2. I have not spent a penny on direct mail advertising in 8 months! I was spending about $10,000 per month prior to using the Zontec system.
  3. I am getting more referrals than ever before.
  4. I attribute 80-90% of his sales increases to Zontec.
  5. I am planning to build 6 more buildings of 2400 crypt spaces each because of my recent success.

"I thank Zontec for their support. At first I was very skeptical that a machine could actually not mask the air but change the air. You don't need to use deodorizers anymore to mask the horrible odors that are in mausoleums and you don't have to worry about the crypt flies because they will be gone, it works! Zontec is not an expensive system to install but it will make you a lot of money. Feel free to contact me directly, if you have any questions. My office number is 732-780-1178."

Charles Dombroski Cemetery Director,
St. Gabriel's Catholic Church


"We have installed the PA2500 Ozone units and used them now for about 3 months. We are pleased with the results and would recommend them to anyone with an inside mausoleum. Before installing your units, there were problem areas that the families avoided and definitely did not stay long to visit. The Zontec ozone has attacked the odors and has made the whole building more inviting for families to visit and stay longer. We have even purchased benches for the elderly patrons, so they can stay longer. Before installing your units there wasn't a need for benches. No one stayed long enough to have used them.

Gary Rangnow
Victoria Catholic Cemeteries

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"Since we purchased the Zontec PA2500's we have had no complaints about odors or flies. We even have families that have stopped by with positive compliments. It's been a 180 degree turnaround. I did a test to see how well the machines actually worked. I poured a glass of chocolate milk and left it out all night. The next day I came in and there were no crypt flies on the inside or outside of the glass!"

William Gregory, CEO,
Harpeth Family Funeral Services

"For years, we had problems with smells and tried to hide them with air fresheners and fans. The Zontec PA2500's have gotten rid of these odors and we feel confident showing families inside the building. Thank you, Dean for your help with planning, installation and maintenance of the equipment. Your company has given us excellent customer service."

Patty Mykland, Financial Officer,
New Tacoma Cemeteries & Funeral Home

"Based on our reports, the Zontec PA2500's have made a significant improvement on a persistent problem. We have an office attached to the mausoleum that previously had fly problems. That has been eliminated since using your units in the mausoleum. All of our employees are quite pleased with the results."

George Stoecklein, Jr., President, CMS East, Inc.


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